Charlotte Boardwalk Engagement Shoot

I am so excited to share some photos from this beautiful Charlotte Boardwalk Engagement Shoot! Though their wedding is taking place in March in Fayetteville, they wanted their engagement shoot in a place that they frequently explore together in their hometown of Charlotte (at times playing Pokemon Go, which of course we had to incorporate into the shoo!). The Charlotte Boardwalk was a perfect location for a fun and playful engagement shoot

Although weather channel had only given us a pretty low probability of rain, Leigh and I drove down to Charlotte in some of the heaviest rain that I have even driven through, praying that it would blow over in time for the shoot. When we arrived it was STILL pouring. Poor Sheena was sitting in her car with Quentin watching the thunder storm wash out all of her chances of having her engagement shoot take place that day. I’m sure she was disappointed, I know we were! We agreed that we would wait 15 minutes then make the call on the weather. Just at the 15 minute mark, the storm cleared.

Our patience was rewarded with one of the most beautiful sunset conditions that I have ever photographed in. Quentin and Sheena are so incredibly natural together! Their beauty and love really made our job easy and we seriously love these two lovebirds!  And I can’t wait for the wedding. Without further ado, here are some of my favorite shots from this amazing Charlotte Boardwalk Engagement Shoot:

Charlotte Boardwalk Engagement Shoot (1)

Quentin and Sheena, thank you so much for choosing us to be your engagement and wedding photographers!

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