Our Year in Review

We have had a fantastic year. 2015 has stretched us in, albeit uncomfortable ways at times, exciting ways. We have made our missteps along the way, and there is always room for improvement. But, we know that we are headed in the right direction. We are so grateful for the kindness and support that we have received from the people who we are so very lucky to call “our clients.” And of course, we are grateful for the love and support that we get everyday from our families.

We are extremely excited to see what 2016 will bring to us. I (Melissa) will be starting my sophomore year of college, working towards my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. Leigh is starting her 2nd year in college working towards her Bachelors of Art in Visual Arts.

We love looking forward, but it’s always good to look backwards at times as well. So, without further ado, here are some of the highlights of 2015! Enjoy!


Mother and Daugter portrait by river



kerfootfacebooksize (8)

Little Boy Laughing during cake smash photo shoot

Sisters help brother during cake smash shoot

mother washing sun in old wash bucket after cake smash session

true love friendship bff

cool teen photography2

Newborn baby in nest photography

mother and newborn portrait on the bed

newborn and big brother

child princess portrait

DSC_4020 copy 2

DSC_0171 copy

DSC_0198 email

family shoot outside laughing

pregnancy announcement photo

dog fist bump

girl portrait fun jump

bride with maid of honor in cornfield

bride and groom portrait in front of church steeple

bride and groom walking down hallway

orange wedding decorations

bride and groom in cornfield

romantic wedding portrait in field

outer banks firt birthday smashcake

outer banks first birthday cake




downtown engagement session full

travis&tiaraweb (8)

outdoor family portrait in front of trees

Band recording song

AmberFamilyweb1 (9)

AmberFamilyweb1 (59)

AmberFamilyweb1 (28)

AmberFamilyweb1 (39)

DSC_7317 copy

DSC_7393 copy








mother son portrait cute kiss

parents and daughter portrait cute

DSC_1499b copyb

DSC_1519 copy

DSC_1689 copyc

cute family photo on bridge

cute family photo on bridge 2

father daughter portrait


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