Raleigh Engagement Session

Gabriella and Quentin are beautiful together… like, seriously beautiful together.

They are so deeply in love.

raleigh engagement session 2

When we spent the evening with Gabriella and Quentin, they took us to some of their favorite haunts.

Raleigh engagment session

raleigh engagement session 5

When you see them together, you can see that they are best friends.  Quentin looks at his beautiful fiancee like she is his entire world.

raleigh engagement session 6

raleigh engagement session 4

Gabriella and Quentin’s first date was dinner at the local Steak and Shake and a movie… in the opposite order. Of course we had to recreate that!

raleigh engagement session 7

engagment session at the movies Raleigh

Steak and Shake engagment session Raleigh

engagement session at steak and shake raleigh

Gabriella and Quentin, your love is contagious and just as beautiful as you are. Thank you so much for letting us catch a glimpse of your happiness!

Here’s to love!

DSC_7983 copyc

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