Thompson Family

This was a shoot that we were looking forward to. The Thompsons have beautiful plot of land that has been handed down through the generations; they also live on it now. The land has history, and you can feel it.

Angela said that she chose us for her family’s photos because she loves our work with light. (Angela, we love that you took the time to notice that!) We were tasked with taking candid pictures of Angela’s sweet children playing, and lastly, to do an outdoor cake smash shoot of Angela’s youngest, Hatch. We really had fun with this shoot, the lighting was phenomenal! Spring had just started revving up, and the grassy hills of their land looked a bit like something out of the Sound of Music… if they had filmed it during the golden hour.

Eh, but why try to explain it to you? The pictures will do better justice to the feel of that evening than my words!

Big Sister and brother candid photo with dogs

This road was special… it was the path that led from their house to their grandparent’s house.

Children playing candid photo

These kids were ridiculously photogenic

Family Portrait of children in field

girl portrait in field

girl portrait in a field at sunset

Would you believe that they set themselves up for this shot without any coaching?

Children portrait in field

When they saw their dad’s truck come up the dirt path, they chased it down the road, and we got this shot…

Candid photo of little girl running down the road

We loved being able to sit back and just document the children doing what they do best: Play

Candid Photo two girls dancing in a field at sunset

Soon it became time for the cake smash session, Angela brought out the cake that had been lovingly made by Hatch’s grandmother. This was my first 3 tiered cake smash, we were pretty impressed!

Three tiered cake in field for cake smash session

Hatch was as well…

Little boy cake smash photo in field at sunset

Little boy sticking face into cake during cake smash photo shoot

He really is a cute as they get…

Little Boy Eating Cake Cake Smash Photo shoot

Little Boy Laughing during cake smash photo shoot

Pretty soon his big sisters decided he needed some help with cake smashing…

Sisters help out brother during cake smash photo shoot

Sisters help brother during cake smash shoot

Hatch quickly got a lot cakier (spell check is saying that cakier isn’t a word… oh well, I’m going with it)

little boy and smashed cake during cake smash photo shoot in a field

little boy with cake on his face during cake smash session

(in that last one, you can totally see my (Melissa’s)  reflection in his eyes)

His sisters also seemed to enjoy themselves!

Little girl with cake on her hands during cake smash photo shoot

little girl with cake on her face from cake smash session

We were quickly losing light, so Angela got out an old wash tub and quickly washed most of the cake from her son.

mother washing sun in old wash bucket after cake smash session

After that we were able to capture some beautiful candids of mother and son…

mother lifting son in the air

mother and son in towel after cake smash

It was a great evening! I loved so many things about this shoot that it is difficult to pick my favorite. I think that it was incredibly magical to do this shoot on their family land. I love taking pictures at parks and public land, but there is something special when you can feel that the land is a part of who these children are. When they get older, they will be able to pick out the terrain features.. and maybe even recreate some of the photos with their own children. Isn’t that a fun thought!?


“After all,” Anne had said to Marilla once, “I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string.”
L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Avonlea

Little girls and baby brother walk down dirt path family photo


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