Beautiful Friendship- a Best Friends Photo Shoot


Could I have asked for a better afternoon? I don’t think so. Wonderful weather, a delicious iced coconut mocha and two best friends eager to make some lasting memories with a best friends photo shoot.

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As we wandered around downtown Fayetteville, I could tell that these two crazy kids were going to be a lot of fun!

cool teen photography

This picture was a "must have' for these two. It's a pose that has turned into a tradition with them.
This picture was a “must have’ for these two. It’s a pose that has turned into a tradition with them.


Anyone who witnesses the banter between Dylan and Amiya can tell that they have clearly been friends for years.

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They wanted to take a moment to carve their initials in a tree in the park.

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best friend initials carved in wood

This wonderful friendship was formed the summer before their 4th grade school year. They will be saying their “see you later’s” very soon as one of them will be moving away. I have a feeling that distance will not diminish this friendship!

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♥ True friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget. ♥


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