Unplanned Perfection

“Come on, Bella. Let’s go get you ready to take some pictures!”

“Can I go play on the swingset first? Please??”

“Maybe in a little bit, we have to get you dressed and all prettied up for your photo shoot.”

“Just for a few minutes? I want to show you what I can do!”

“No, we have the perfect lighting right now and if we take too long, we will miss it.”

Insert super sad face.

At that moment, I realized, looking at that beautiful, angelic and albeit sad face that my baby girl didn’t care if she had just the right outfit on, or if her hair was tossled to perfection to go take pictures. She normally loves to pose for the camera, but to travel out on this perfect “play weather” day (or as I saw it, perfect “picture weather” day) for a photo shoot was not something that she felt like doing. She just wanted to play and show me some of her mad climbing skills. Yes, I was excited to take some beautiful pictures of her and very motivated (thanks to my second cup of coffee for the day),but as the song says, “girls just wanna have fun, ohhh girls just wanna have fun”. So I thought to myself, “Self, let the girl play!”. I watched as she tried over and over again to climb the chain to get to the platform of the swingset, because let’s face it, going up the steps is way too easy,lol. Watching her find joy in trying to “conquer the chain” made me think, I’d love to have pictures of this. Eureka! Or better yet, duh! A wonderful picture doesn’t necessarily mean having that to-die-for outfit or hair perfectly in place or even a gorgeous location. So I pulled out my camera and started snapping away. It was kind of freeing, in a way, being in the moment and not telling her to look this way or that way. She was having the best time ever and I was as well. One of my favorite pictures from that day is a shot of the look on her face as a flock of geese flew across the sky and her eyes filled with excitement, “Look mommy!!”.

Don’t get me wrong, I love planning a beautiful photo shoot with coordinating outfits and picturesque locations. But sometimes some of the most perfect moments to capture are those that are completely unplanned. 🙂

bella-swing-4 bella-swing-6 bella-swing-5 bella-swing-1


2 comments on “Unplanned Perfection”

  1. PERFECT! Capture the moment!

    1. Thank you Shewana!

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